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Duravit 1930 Series - Wall-Hung Toilet (Round)

Duravit 1930 Series - Wall-Hung Toilet (Round)


Product # D10016

  • 1930 Series Wall-Hung toilet set
  • European version
  • Washdown model

Unashamedly nostalgic and yet timelessly modern

its octagonal design makes the 1930 Series a bathroom classic. Octagonal means having eight corners. Ingenious means creatively outstanding. The 1930 Series is both. The Duravit product range would be incomplete without this classic, which was designed in the Golden Era and presented to the public for the first time in 1930. Over time, many charming pieces were added to 1930 Series to create the complete collection as we know it today. And yet, however consistently classic its look, 1930 Series epitomizes cutting-edge technology - as exemplified by its wall-mounted bidet and WC.


  • White Alpin (00)

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