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Furniture Guild Contemporary 400/500 - Melbourne Wall Hung Vanity

Furniture Guild Contemporary 400/500 - Melbourne Wall Hung Vanity


Melbourne Contemporary 400/500 Collection Wall Hung Vanity

Base Model Number = 491-____

Vanity available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Please contact showroom for availability of specific model numbers


Availability of finishes varies for each piece. Please speak with a showroom consultant for specific details about the availability of any particular finish.

B-Wood - Walnut and Oak (fully compatible with all series)

  • B39 English Walnut
  • B41 French Walnut
  • B42 Granite Walnut
  • B54 Cerused Oak
  • B57 Milk Oak
  • B58 Manhattan Oak
  • B59 Chocolate Oak
  • B60 White Oak
  • B61 Black Oak

B-Exotic - Exotic Wood Finishes (400/600 series only)

  • B38 Quartered Walnut
  • B40 Natural Walnut
  • B18 Rosewood
  • B22 Black Limba
  • B47 Gray Reclaimed Oak
  • B48 Clear Reclaimed Oak
  • B49 Natural Reclaimed Oak

C-Tex - Textured Surface (400/600 series only)

  • C1 Palissandro
  • C2 Carbone
  • C3 Oregon Pine
  • C6 Rovero
  • C7 Aspenor
  • C8 Gretano
  • C9 Ebrano
  • C10 Cortado
  • C11 Tyburn

C-Color, Matte - Fenix NTM Super Matte (400/600 series only)

  • C40 White Fenix
  • C41 Black Fenix
  • C42 Efeso Gray Fenix
  • C43 Londra Gray Fenix
  • C44 Bromo Fenix
  • C45 Delft Blue Fenix
  • C46 Ottawa Beige Fenix

D-Auto - Automotive Finishes (400/500/600 series only)

  • D1 White Lacquer
  • D2 Black Lacquer
  • D10 Escalade Pearl
  • D11 Ocean Metallic
  • D13 Grey Metallic
  • D14 White Pearl
  • D16 Capuccino
  • D17 Sea Serpent

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom


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