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Geberit - Sigma Flush Plates for Wall-Hung Toilets

Geberit - Sigma Flush Plates for Wall-Hung Toilets


Sigma Flush Plates by Geberit

Perfect combination of function and form

After installation, the only visible element of the Geberit system is the flush plate. In fact, the flush plate is how your clients will interact with the Geberit system on a daily basis. So it has to be just right. Geberit flush plates come in a variety of designs, materials, colors, and finishes. Select exactly the right plate to meet user requirements and realize your design vision. You can even choose matching toilet and urinal flush plates for a seamless look throughout the bathroom.

Luxury materials for demanding requirements

Geberit flush plates are made of durable, fade-proof, easy-to-clean materials with plastic or glass surfaces. They are manufactured of die-cast zinc or stainless steel to stand up to years of continuous use, even in the most demanding environments. Manual, electronic, or pneumatic flush options are available, depending on the needs of the residents or building occupants.

Multiple flush plate designs and finishes available. Please visit showroom for complete list of options.


Sigma Flush Plates

  • Sigma01 - Simple and economical
  • Sigma10 - Stop-and-go flush
  • Sigma20 - A touch of fun
  • Sigma50 - Design by: You
  • Sigma60 - Make a smooth appearance
  • Simga70 - Refined elegance
  • Sigma80- A magical glow
  • Bolergo - Go big
  • Tango - Easy does it

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom


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