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Stone Forest - Natural Bathtub

Stone Forest - Natural Bathtub


Each natural bathtub is unique in shape, size and color. Shapes and sizes vary. Please have your showroom salesperson call to receive photos and sizing of our current options.

Model # C40-NAT

We carve our designs from single blocks of stone that have formed over hundreds of millions of years. Each block has its own personality expressed in slight differences in its crystalline structure.This individual character is evident in variations such as distinctive veining, mineral inclusions, minor pitting or areas of enhanced coloration. As blocks are extracted from different areas of a quarry, the coloration and features of each block of stone will vary somewhat.

Stone Forest takes its lead from nature's blueprint. Contemporary designs for the bath and kitchen are sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods. Collaborating with the design community to create custom designs is our specialty.

All of our bathtubs are carved to order. This allows us to offer any combination of options, including overflows, jets for spa applications, drain types and placement, and other design details such as flat or rolled rim and variations in the base. Please feel free to customize one of our standard designs, or create your own shape and size.

All of our tubs can be carved to accommodate virtually any drain, with or without overflows. Our standard design is carved to fit a Brasstech #270 lift & turn bath plug. Please let us know which drain model and style you plan on using at the time of ordering so we can ensure the correct fit. If overflows are needed, we recommend using a Geberit cable-operated waste and overflow. They have varying cable lengths to fit any of our tub configurations, and have longer overflow screws and handle shafts available to adapt to our tubs. To accommodate the overflow, we drill through the wall of the tub and then carve a channel in the back wall to accommodate plumbing.

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