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Vogue UK Originals - og009 Towel Warmer

Vogue UK Originals - og009 Towel Warmer


Blending the period charm of Legacy with delicate, bijou refinement, Originals elevates traditional to another level of finesse.

Model: OG009A

Dimensions (mm):

  • Height (mm): 825
  • Width (mm): 735
  • Diameter (mm): 160
  • Tube (mm): 31.8

Dimensions (inch):

  • Height (inch): 32
  • Width (inch): 29
  • Diameter (inch): 6
  • Tube (inch): 1.25
  • Heat Output at 122 F/50 C: 671 Watts, 2290 Btu/hr
  • Electric Element Wattage (110 volts): 400

Vogue UK is one of the UK?s leading independent designers and manufacturers of towel warmers and radiators ? and one of the few that still manufacture in the UK. Vogue UK has built a reputation for creating stunning designs that add a sense of style to any room in your home. Vogue UK is equally passionate about manufacturing excellence and creating products that are as robust and durable as they are beautiful.


Other Available Models: OG009B, OG009C

Heating Options:

  • Heating Only (HO)
  • Electric Only (EO)
  • Unheated (UH)

Manufactured Material:

  • Brass
  • Mild Steel

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom


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